Local Guidence Counsellor says Leaving Cert postponement won’t please everyone

Gemma Lawlor says some students will feel their ''agony has just been extended''.

Big news today for the roughly 2,000 state exam students in Carlow Kilkenny.

The Leaving Cert has been postponed and the Junior Cert cancelled this summer.

The Leaving won’t now start before the last week in July, or early August, but a timetable won’t be issued until June at the earliest.

However this is dependent on the restrictions being lifted enough for the exam students to go back to school for a few weeks of revision.

The Junior Cert has been cancelled and replaced with school- and class-based assessments from September.

The schools are closed until further notice and won’t re-open until the health experts tell us it is safe.

Guidence Counsellor at Tyndal College in Carlow, Gemma Lawlor, welcomed the clarity that there would be no exams in June.

She says the fact that the Junior Cert has been cancelled will allow extra resources and space to conduct the Leaving if there is still a need for physical distancing at that point.

But Gemma says not everyone will be happy and some students will feel that their ”agony has just been extended”.