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Local farmers express concern that the new Kilkenny cheese plant could be scuppered

Kilkenny IFA Chair says he's worried that rising building costs might make it uneconomical

Local farmers are afraid that the new cheese factory planned for South Kilkenny could be scuppered by the latest appeal against it’s planning permission.

An Taisce has been granted leave to take it’s case to the Supreme Court with a date for the hearing expected to be set within the next few weeks.

Glanbia is planning to build a massive 140-million euro factory in Belview to make cheeses for the European market with Dutch partners Royal A-ware.

But Kilkenny IFA Chair Jim Mulhall says he’s worried that rising building costs might make it uneconomical and that the deal could fall through, which would affect local dairy farmers.

He says’ “while the supreme court is reviewing this, the project can’t commence and the longer this process drags on, the further the delay and the further the threat that this might not (go ahead).  The cost of build and the fact that we have a partner with Royal A Wear in this process, this is time sensitive.”

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