Local hotel owners offer resolution to Garth Brooks concert crisis

Letter from Garth Brooks to Peter Aiken
Letter from Garth Brooks to Peter Aiken

Local hoteliers are offering their own solution to the Garth Brooks crisis.

A group from the South East being led by the Woodford Dolmen Hotel in Carlow is offering 5 nights free accomodation to 300 Croke Park residents if they withdraw their objections to the 5 concerts. It would allow the residents affected to move out of the area while the shows are on.

Meanwhile the Taoiseach has stepped in to try and save the concerts – with fresh talks to take place this morning to see if anything can be done.

Enda Kennys intervention comes after a letter written by Garth Brooks to Aiken Promotions was made public last night.

In it, the country singer said he will proceed with all five concerts in Croke Park, if there’s any chance ALL of the shows can be salvaged.

Promoter Peter Aiken says Croke Park for five night is the only way this will work out.