Phil is back in form and we have done over a million steps!

Fresh back from his sojourn in Rio, Phil Hogan was back in form this morning – talking septic tanks. So  a fiver will do it and as long as you are not polluting water courses or your neighbour’s well or water supply- you’ll be ok. He put us right on the cost of his room [too dear even so he said] more like 300 euros than the 700 euros per night suggested by the papers [might that be the Independent?].

Phil had a crack at our friend Deputy Ming Flanagan too while he was at it! You can listen back on the highlights section of The Sue Nunn Show page here.

The Step Challenge;

Well Ayrfield are ahead- but a bit of a stewards enquiry when Dr Tadgh Crowley told us this morning that Ayrfield had substituted for Dr Johnny Cuddihy who has gone on holidays [fresh feet!]. We lost one of  the KCLR team for the last four days because Katharine Blake our producer has been sick in the bed! Compensatory steps are to be awarded to us in the circumstances.

Conor Power is looking for an enquiry too into the performance of the Ayrfield sub Dr Frank Chambers. Conor is our top stepper at the moment with a total of 65,953 steps since last Friday. However Bronagh, Conor’s wife, is on his heels!


Reminding you all that it is recommended that we all take 10,000 steps at least five days a week.;

Totals since we started on Saturday

Ayrfield Clinic; 614,641 steps

KCLR96fm; 547,165 steps