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Retailers across Carlow and Kilkenny prepare for influx of shoppers

The manager of Market Cross Shopping Centre is expecting customers from across the country

An influx of intercounty shoppers is expected in local shops today.

From this morning, you can travel outside your own county under loosened Covid19 restrictions.

The revisions mean you can now also have two other households visit your home.

Lesley Cleere is Manager of Kilkenny’s Market Cross Shopping Centre and she’s been telling KCLR News that she’s expecting customers from all over the country today, noting “We have Thurles, County Laois, County Offaly actually is quite popular, Cork, they come from all over, they love Kilkenny, they love the Market Cross, especially because it’s an outdoor vibe but we do have the marquee there for anybody that’s queueing which is good so yeah, look, those shoppers are going to want to follow routine and feel some sort of normality and get out, but I think everybody’s aware that we need to be safe in doing so”.

She has this advice on how to shop safely “Just follow the government guidelines, if you’re not well please don’t come out, restrict your movements, we can help over the phone if they don’t have access online or not comfortable using online please ring ahead we’re more than happy to help, use contactless payment where possible and wear the facemask and sanitise, we’ve loads of sanitisers around the centre”.

And Lesley adds that local outlets are more than capable of handling any increase in shoppers, saying “I’m not expecting a huge surge, I’m sure it will be busier, I think people are cognisant of the fact that we need to be safe and we’re opening the extended hours so they should be spread throughout the day, however, we are prepared for the busyness, we have full team of security and cleaning and with the cleaning systems we do have help there, with Penney’s one, in particular, their staff come out and give us a hand”.