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Social Democrats in the process of establishing a branch in Carlow Kilkenny

The party currently has six TD's and eighteen councillors nationwide

The Social Democrats are in the process of establishing a branch here locally.

The party, which currently has six TD’s and eighteen councillors nationwide, is now setting their sights on further growth in Carlow Kilkenny.

The party wants the implementation of Slaintecare, a fully costed plan for universal health care service.

William Sailsbury is the interim branch chairperson:

“There’s about twenty other local members but we haven’t got the branch off the ground, so it’s just been process of trying to get that started” he said.

“We started that in February and March and obviously it all got a bit stalled with Covid, but we’re trying to recruit and get new members and get new ideas and trying to get in touch with local charities and local organisations that do work around Carlow and Kilkenny and see what supports we can give them and listen to them and see what the local issues are, it’s been down to the local members getting together and officially form a branch and try get things off the ground”.

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