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South Kilkenny to mark today’s Winter Solstice a little differently

Covid restrictions have made their mark on the annual gathering

Today’s Winter Solstice won’t be marked in its traditional form in South Kilkenny this year.

It’s the shortest day of the year and that often attracts large crowds to Knockroe Passage Tomb to watch the sunset.

The spot, known locally as ‘The Caiseal’ is now closed to the public due to Covid restrictions.

But Richard Walsh, of Lingaun Valley Tourism, says the sunset will be live-streamed this year instead, telling KCLR “I suppose it was inevitable in a way with the Covid situation but the OPW have put up signs saying it’s closed up to the 23rd, now they have given us permission to stream it on our Facebook and website hopefully that will be some consolation for people that won’t be able to attend”.

He says “Some mornings we’d be there and the cloud cover would be there but last year was very special, they all realise it’s a special, kind of spiritual place, people who come say it’s very peaceful, so they’re all just there to witness a special event”.

And adds “Last year we had probably over 300 people in the morning and over 500 in the evening but they’re coming all the year around, if you go over there any summers day even the cars are coming in and staying a while and going on again”.

For more and to watch the live streams at 8:30am & 3:30pm click here

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