The Bottom Line Tuesday July 16 2013

Here’s some suggestions for the Government, based on what I’ve learned presenting the Bottom Line and speaking to business owners, managers and those working at representing business interests over the last number of weeks.


  • Appoint a Minister with responsibility for Retailing. Currently no one Minister has responsibility for the sector which is the largest employer in the economy, has lost over 50,000 jobs in the last number of years and which faces seismic challenges. The lack of  a “Minister for Retail” is madness.
  • Put restoring national confidence at the top of the Government agenda – lack of confidence allied with general uncertainty is damaging business. There is evidence of pent up demand in the Irish economy but people are holding back on spending because there still is a lingering doubt that we’ve “hit the bottom” of this seemingly unending cycle of economic contraction
  • Put a meaningful ban on political kite flying and make it an act of economic treason for members of the Government or opposition to try and score political points; scare monger or generally needlessly alarm the already shell shocked Irish consumer in the run up to the budget in October. I fear that once the Dail resumes in September there will be veritable festival of kite flying which while it may make the eventual budget seem less draconian will only serve to inhibit economic activity when schools return in September.


That’s about it from me for this week. If you agree or disagree with any of the points I’ve made, please let me know. Contact myself or Prodcuer Edwina Grace at [email protected]