The Bottom Line Tuesday Oct 30 2012

Kilkenomics; the Kilkenny Diaspora; the Medieval Mile and Carlow College – all featured on the last Bottom Line of October.


We kicked off the programme with Tom Molloy from the Irish Independent – in studio this week in contrast to his usual contribution on the phone.

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The third Kilkenomics festival kicks off this Thursday in Kilkenny and we spoke to David McWilliams – one of the brains behind the event. Today marks the publication of his new book “The Good Room” in which he explores the concept that Irealdns relationship with our European counterparts; the people we owe money to etc is similar to that which traditionally Irish people had with the Parish Priest; the Doctor or other so called important people. You lay out the good china, bring them into the “good room” and try and give them a good impression. We talked about this but also about whats on the agenda at this innovative four day economics fest.

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And for the full programme see http://www.kilkenomics.com/


Donie Butler spoke to us about how Kilkenny Chamber is seeking to identify businesses from around the world who are driven by people from Kilkenny – the Kilkenny Diaspora.  The Chamber is presenting its inaugural award this year at its business awards at the end of November.

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Further details here:  http://www.kilkennychamber.ie/


Carlow College has been described as one of Irish educations “best kept secrets”. Marketing Manager for the College Gertrude O’ Neill joined us in studio to tell us about the College, its offerings to students, its plans for expansion and its contribution to the local economy.

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The college has an open  day on Nov 15 if you’d like to check it out for yourself.  For details of that and more see: http://www.carlowcollege.ie/