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“The GAA is about everybody” says former President Sean Kelly reacting to the removal of cash entry at matches

The association is under pressure to reverse the decision

You have to respect everybody because the GAA is about everybody.

So says a former President of the Association as it comes under pressure to reverse a decision to get rid of cash entry at match grounds.

KCLR Live listeners shared their thoughts earlier with many expressing disappointment over the move.

Ireland South MEP and ex-GAA President Sean Kelly says they needed to go slower:

“Even if they gave a lead in time for it, if they said over the next three or four years we’re going to be moving gradually to this, but bring it in kind of automatically and having no alternative,” said Sean.

“I don’t see why they have to do it, if there was a necessity to do it, and there was no alternative, let’s say, fine,” he added.