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The Week: Mother & Baby Homes report, Covid19 and US update

We're looking back at some news and show highlights on KCLR for the past seven days

You’re reading The Week on KCLR, highlighting some of the stories you may have missed on-air and online.

Today, we’ve got reaction to the report by the Commission of Investigation into Mother & Baby Homes, a local councillor outlines her battle with Covid19, a young Carlovian discusses being part of the Rohingya community, KCLR Lunch links up with the States to discuss goings-on there and our reporter Shauna McHugh visits Kilkenny Fire Station.

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Mother & Baby Homes

Mother and Baby Home

It’s been a tough week for those who’d spent time in a Mother & Baby Home but you don’t have to have had that experience to have been affected this week by the topic that dominated our airwaves and TV screens.

Following the publication of the report by the Commission of Investigation into Mother & Baby Homes (read that here) there was an outpouring of sadness, grief and hurt as stories began to be unveiled.

Kilkenny City-based Maggie Corbett was one of those who came on air with us to talk to Edward Hayden on KCLR Live.

Maggie gave birth to two daughters in the Bessborough facility – she has reunited with one and says the search for her other will never stop …

Helen was also in touch with KCLR Live to recount her experience of discovering she was pregnant and giving birth at Bessborough Mother and Baby Home.

With the help of her sister, Helen was able to take her baby to England aged 8 months, having been separated for many months.

Helen speaks of her shame and her search for acceptance …

Battling Covid


The battle against Coronavirus continues across the globe with the death toll worldwide reaching the two million mark in recent days.

New cases continue to be confirmed across Ireland each day, with Carlow & Kilkenny each seeing their fair share. We’ve daily reports on this including an early morning overview, at about 6:30am each weekday, on our website here).

Plenty of coverage too on our main talk shows – including The Way It Is with Sue Nunn.

This week, she was joined by Carlow Councillor Andrea Dalton who’s recovering from her bout of the virus …

‘Lunch Links to the USA

Carla Rea from 96.3 KKLZ in Las Vegas joined John Keane on KCLR Lunch to chat about how all is going in Vegas and the States. They chatting about the upcoming inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden, the Vegas strip and how Covid is affecting the industry there also …

This Is How We Do It

Reporter Shauna McHugh was back with the latest in the KCLR Live “This Is How We Do It” series, which aims to teach you a new skill or trick every week.

A lot of topics have been covered so far, including cooking tips to wow your dinner guests (you’ll find previous segments here).

But what do you do when things go very wrong in the kitchen?

To find out, Shauna headed to Kilkenny Fire Station for a demonstration.

Listen here as the crew there handle a pan fire in real-time:

The Window to my World


Photo from Rohingya Action Ireland Facebook

Young Carlow Girl Jamalida Rafique joined our Sue Nunn on The Way It Is to discuss being part of the Rohingya community, her visit to a refugee camp and her poem, “The Window to my World”.

Its original recitation was to an international audience while she previously found success too with her art, as the picture above from Rohingya Action Ireland depicts.

Jamalida is poised to take on the world, she’s been in contact with the UN High Commissioner while she’s working towards becoming a human rights lawyer …

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