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Voting today? No “selfies” at the polling stations

If you’re heading into vote today in your local polling station, you may be advised to leave your mobile phone behind you.

With a rise in recent years in younger people expressing their right to vote, the ‘selfie’ culture has extended itself into the polling station.

As we visit polling stations across both Carlow and Kilkenny today (with updates on air all this morning), more polling stations are displaying signs warning voters that ‘selfies’ are prohibited.

Via SpunOut.ie

Because of the importance of the ‘secret’ in the secret ballot (as outlined in the 1994 Referendum Act), the taking of selfies/ pictures of your ballot at polling stations is banned! And where a person is found guilty of an offence, such person shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding €1,000.

While the taking of photographs is not specifically prohibited in electoral law, it is an offence to communicate at any time to any other person any information obtained in a polling station as to the manner in which a voter is about to vote or has voted.

Addressing other concerns from listeners, you’re reminded that if you don’t have your polling card, but are registered to vote, that you should bring photo ID with you and you’ll be given a ballot paper to cast your vote.

Polling stations remain open across Carlow and Kilkenny until 10pm tonight.

KCLR will be live all weekend from the count centre with our first updates at 9am from The Hub, Cillin Hill.