Covid-19 latest: 35 new cases in Carlow & Kilkenny, 313 nationally, 3 more deaths

Kilkenny has had 21 positive test results reported with 14 more in Carlow.

35 new cases of Covid-19 confirmed in Carlow and Kilkenny.

Kilkenny has 21 positive test results with 14 in Carlow.

Nationally there’s been 313 new cases, and 3 more deaths.

Local GPs have been contacted by public health officials to avoid sending patients to St Luke’s as they try to get the Coronavirus outbreak at the local hospital under control.

The numbers in the hospital reflect the high cases numbers in the community with Carlow and Kilkenny both in the top four worst performing counties in terms of infection rates.

There’s 33 people being treated for Covid-19 at the local hospital, and one suspected case, according to the latest figures.

Last week the General Manager Anne Slattery told KCLR she was confident the high numbers would come down quickly and they would be able to lift the suspension on out-patient services and elective surgeries which remain in place for now.

There’s also still 10 patients waiting for beds as the ED overcrowding issues continue, with two of wards closed since a previous coronavirus and superbug outbreak.

Carlow-based GP Paula Greally says the community transmission is feeding the outbreak at the hospital but the situation in the hospital is a big part of the problem.