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As Kilkenny man Pat Crotty takes up the mantle of VFI CEO he says achieving stability for the sector is something he’ll be focusing on during his reign

He believes in the importance of pubs for locals, visitors and the economy as a whole

The new CEO of the Vintners Federation of Ireland says he’s chasing stability for the sector.

Kilkenny man Pat Crotty has handed over the reins of his city business Paris Texas to family members while he focuses on his national role.

He’s been telling The KCLR Daily that there’s a key area that needs the focus of the industry which has been in decline in recent years.

And he added his views too on the concerns around room rates and availability around significant events such as the impending Bruce Springsteen gigs, including in Kilkenny on 12th May. (More on that here).

Hear his conversation with our Brian Redmond here;