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Covid-19 has not gone away in the way we would like says consultant at St Luke’s General Hospital for Carlow and Kilkenny

The local facility's seen a rise in cases recently

A St Luke’s consultant says Covid-19 has not gone away in the way we would like it to have gone away. 

The local hospital for Carlow and Kilkenny has been seeing a rise in cases recently with outbreaks causing visitors restriction on three different wards this week while the number of patients waiting on a bed saw a weekly high on Monday of 42.

However, that figure’s dropped to seven today (Friday) according to the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation’s trolleywatch.

Regarding Covid, Cardiologist Michael Conway says we’re “not seeing the severe stuff we saw back in 2020” but he warned that it could still cause trouble and long-covid type effects which are starting to surface as issues for some.

He spoke about this and other topics while on air with our Sue Nunn on The Way It Is – hear the conversation in full here: