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Further sophisticated fraud and scams in Carlow and Kilkenny see another local conned out of €24,000 overnight

A number of people have been hit this week alone

Sophisticated fraud and scams have seen more locals conned out of thousands of euro.

Gardaí are appealing to everyone not to answer suspicious calls to your phone or click on links in emails or text messages if you are in any way unsure about them.

Thousands of euro has already been lost to fraudsters in recent days. (See here).

And Garda Andy Neil has further details of these as he outlined to Sue Nunn on The Way It Is:

While on KCLR Live today, Garda Neil told of how they’ve been inundated in recent times with calls about such issues, with further in the last 24 hours; “More overnight, more frauds overnight, more technological frauds overnight, on top of the ones yesterday, we also have an investment fraud, be aware of these too, people shopping for cryptocurrency, a person shopping online for cryptocurrency is down over €24,000, the site has gone down, money apparently disappeared, be careful, watch your money”.