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KCLR LIVE: Tetiana Leshchenko urges listeners to help any way they can as families like hers are unable to leave Ukraine

Tetiana Leshchenko urges KCLR listeners to help the people of Ukraine any way they can.

Tetiana who has been living in Ireland for the last 12 years describes her feelings of helplessness as her family and elderly parents are close to the border and unable to leave. “They found one basement to put the mattresses in there and every time the alarm goes on they just run there”

Efforts from Carlow and Kilkenny organisations are underway to send aid. Sharon Parker Byrne from the New Oak Community Centre in Carlow and Mary Pierce from Helping the Homeless, Kilkenny tell us about the donations they are accepting from the public, and how you can get involved.

For full details of where you can donate or pledge support in Carlow and Kilkenny, visit: Collection points in place across Carlow and Kilkenny as locals donate essential items for those displaced by Russian attacks on Ukraine