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Kilkenny Chamber Chief issues reminder to support local businesses

Moving forward with business shouldn’t see us making a return to being under the thumb of Covid-19.

That’s the warning from the CEO of Kilkenny Chamber.

As the easing of restrictions continues, there’s concern that any lapse in or letting down of the guard will see us going backwards.

John Hurley said there’s a worry long-term plans could fall by the wayside for many:

Kilkenny Chamber CEO John Hurley

“Business is all about planning. We all have our 3 year, our 5 year, our 10 year plans. Well they’re all gone out the window if we don’t get this virus under control”

He’s also reminding people to support local when and how you can with many businesses rebuilding after the pandemic.

And with the festive spend about to take place the plea is to plough your cash back into the local economy:

“Remember wherever you can to support local business because it is so important”.

His comments came as part of  a wider conversation with our Edward Hayden on Tuesday’s The Way It Is – hear that in full here: