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Kilkenny City’s Vicar Street to go one-way

One local councillor's been sharing his concerns

A Kilkenny councillor is urging that all groups should be catered for in latest traffic plans for the city.

It was decided at this week’s meeting of the County Council that Vicar Street should become one-way.

But a public consultation on the route has highlighted some concerns from vulnerable road users, including the disabled and visually impaired.

Cllr Joe Malone says these people need to be prioritised as the one-way system is implemented, telling KCLR News “I’m glad now after all the years that we’re trying to get this, Vicar Street, one-way, pedestrianised and a cycle track as well I just had one issue and that has got to do with the disability sector and the visually impaired that they’ll be all taken into account, the access group will be brought on board and their opinions will be valued as well so hopefully like, we have to cater for everybody and for women with buggies and one thing and another and it’s going to be good addition to Vicar Street, it’ll take a lot of traffic off the street”.

He adds “We read some of the submissions there that were sent into the council, observations and that that the footpaths are high and very narrow and that you’d nearly get a shower passing by there on a wet day with the shoots and all that but that’s all going to be rectified, it’s all going to be modernised which will be great and access for everybody and it’s so important in this day and age, there’s been a lot of good works that’s been done in the whole city and environs over the years, last number of years to cater for everybody so this will be another added feature for the city”.