Kilkenny GP says it makes sense for Covid-19 patients to ring close contacts if tracers can’t

Since the weekend people are being asked by the HSE to notify any close contacts themselves

A prominent Kilkenny GP says it’s only right that people ring their close contacts if they’re tested positive for Covid-19.

Dr Tadhg Crowley says it’s not ideal but the tracing system has not been able to keep up with the rising case numbers.

Since the weekend people are being asked by public health officials to notify anyone there’s a risk they might have infected and Dr Crowley says it’s better than people not being told.

The Health Minister says the decision was made by the HSE for ‘operational reasons’, and it’s just a temporary measure.

The Taoiseach added that an additional 220 people will be hired by contact tracing teams by the end of next week.

However Labour leader Alan Kelly says there were plenty of opportunities to recruit staff before now.