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Ring inscribed with name Aoife and July 2016 found in Kilkenny city takeaway

It's a plain gold band

Gardaí in Kilkenny city are seeking to return a ring to its owner.

Picked up over the weekend, it has a partial name and date on it.

Garda Andy Neill told KCLR News; “I was on the mountain bike in town and I was approached by a gentleman, a proprietor of a take away, and he handed me a little package and in it was a ring which had been found in his establishment over the weekend, this was a wedding ring, a gold band wedding ring, and anybody that knows me I’m a big enough guy with big enough hands and it’s identical to my own wedding ring with regards to size and dimensions”.

He adds; “Inscribed on it is a name Aoife and then reference to a date, which I presume is a wedding date, in July of 2016, we’re obviously very, very keen to find what we believe to be Aoife’s partner who may have lost this ring while out in Kilkenny”.

Garda Neill adds the owner may not be from Kilkenny; “We’re very lucky in this fine city, we attract people from a huge big area both nationally and internationally so it could have been somebody visiting so we’re urging people to get sharing, get communicating, we’ve had it on our Garda Facebook page, we’re delighted to have KCLR assisting us trying to track down probably Aoife’s partner and return the ring”.