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First tweak to new traffic system in Callan to take place next week

More bollards are to be installed, this time at the primary school

Callan’s to get the first tweak to its new traffic system in the coming days. (Details of the system here)

It’s after local representatives met with the council’s road staff and concerned individuals on the ground in the town yesterday. (More on that here)

After many on the school run highlighted delays the first measure will see bollards installed next week during midterm at Bunscoil McAuley Rice.

Cllr Matt Doran says it’s up to everybody too to play their part noting “You know, you’d really ask parents and guardians who are coming to school maybe to allow that little bit more time and to be patient, when we were there yesterday you could see it first hand, a car coming from the town end turning right and exactly at the same time a group of pupils being escorted by the Deputy Principal and one of the teachers, which happens every day, they have to cross the entrance to get to their bus and, as that car was halfway across the road it blocked up cars coming from the Kilkenny Road”.

However the bollards on Bridge Street have caused some concern for residents along that route. Some there say they’re worried about taking deliveries from larger vehicles, including oil, and wonder what happens in the case of an emergency.

Cllr Doran says there are ways around it saying “The intention of the bollards is to create an illusion of a very, very narrow road, now the road has narrowed but it’s still a three meter width road which, they would say, is capable of taking any vehicle down there, there is a slight pinch there at the bridge and the area engineer and crew will adjust that one, any residents that feel that they’re going to be in any way inconvenienced here, that can be facilitated, the bollards can be removable”.